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Reminder: Upcoming Payroll Deadlines

Please review the following holiday timesheet deadlines:

  • (EARLY deadline) R24: Employee submission before 5:00 pm, 11/17/2023
  • (EARLY deadline) R24: Supervisor/Approver deadline is 7pm, 11/20/2023

Before Hard Closure, R01 2024 timesheet deadlines are:

  • (EARLY deadline) R01: Employee submission deadline is 11:59 am, 12/21/2023
  • (EARLY deadline) R01: Supervisor/Approver deadline is 7pm, 12/22/2023

Also, faculty should be reminded to utilize Faculty Time Off (FTO) if they plan to take leave during the fall break which falls in the R25 2023 pay period or during the winter closure breaks, which fall in the R01 2024 and R02 2024 pay periods.

Please see the holiday and winter closure dates for more information on paid holidays.

For questions, please contact payroll at 

Originally published November 3, 2023.
Republished November 17, 2023 in UA News.
Republished December 1, 2023 in UA News.

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