2020 Title IX training deadline extended

Thank you to all employees who have successfully completed the new Title IX training; it’s an important part of UA’s commitment to providing a safe and respectful environment, free from discrimination as required by Title IX. The new employee training modules were developed to include the changes to UA’s Title IX policy and regulations, based on new federal regulations

There have been reports of navigation issues within this year’s Title IX employee training. To provide more time for employees to complete this training, the deadline has been extended to October 31. To access and launch the Title IX training please use Google Chrome as your browser to click this link to the required training.

For anyone still experiencing technical issues with the new training, here are some helpful resources and information. 

Known workarounds for the most common concerns:

General information and FAQs on using the MyUA learning management system can be found here: https://www.alaska.edu/hrtraining/

Google Chrome is the only supported browser - Per our vendor, Google Chrome is the only supported browser to access the Title IX course. Other browsers may work for some portions of the course, but will likely cause strange issues later on.

How to clear your cache in Chrome: Link here

Cookies and Pop-ups Enabled: Accepting third-party cookies must be allowed, as well as pop-up windows.

Moving past the state laws - There are several slides that require you to acknowledge that you understand Alaska state statutes for specific laws relating to Title IX. In order to proceed you must also review the statutes in the pop-up dialog box. A Spoke article for how to complete those sections can be found here.

Moving past the policy attestation - Another common problem area has been the review of UA policy and required attestation of review. The policy opens in a separate browser window. Once you have reviewed the policy, close that window and return to the training. Then it will allow you to click on the attestation. A Spoke article for how to complete that section can be found here.

Who do I contact for assistance? If these troubleshooting tips do not resolve your issues, please contact the HR Information Systems Help Desk at ua-hris-helpdesk@alaska.edu. Due to a high support request volume, it may be 24-48 hours before they are able to assist you. Please do not submit duplicate support requests.

In addition, HR is coordinating with OIT on a workaround so that future automated notices from the learning management system in PageUp may not be marked as potential spam. 

Thank you for your cooperation in completing this important annual training requirement.