Pregnancy Accommodations

The University of Alaska provides reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions. The University of Alaska is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive campus environment for our students, employees, and the public. To ensure equal access for pregnant individuals, the university provides reasonable accommodations and adjustments related to pregnancy and childbirth. Specific accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis and determined by individual circumstances



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Accommodation requests can be made in person, online, via email or by phone call.  The Specialist will discuss your pregnancy or parenting needs and may request documentation that supports the requested accommodations.

Students and employees will be provided reasonable accommodations based upon their pregnancy and parenting related needs. Specific accommodations will vary from person to person. Some examples of accommodations may include:

  • Providing a larger desk.
  • Allowing breaks during class, as needed.
  • Permitting temporary faculty/staff parking.
  • Rescheduling tests or exams.
  • Excusing absences due to pregnancy or related conditions.
  • Submitting work after a deadline missed due to pregnancy or childbirth.*
  • Providing alternatives to make up for missed work.
  • Permitting a reasonable time for nursing and access to lactation spaces.
  • Allowing excused absences for parenting students (both male and female) who need to take their children to medical appointments or to take care of their sick children.
  • Adjustments to reduce potential exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Modifying lifting/standing requirements, restrictions, or limits.

*Pregnant students will be allowed to make up any work missed due to medically necessary absences for pregnancy. Students will be offered acceptable alternative arrangements to make up missed work. The student will not be required to complete make up work until the student's medically-necessary absences for pregnancy are completed.

Students are not required to inform anyone of their pregnancy or parenting status. However, the University aims to create an environment that encourages students to share this information with the Title IX Department, so that the University can provide the proper support and assistance.

A student may not be penalized for absences known to be due to pregnancy, childbirth, or other related medical conditions. A professor cannot reduce a pregnant student’s grade because of attendance or participation points that the student missed during excused absences due to her pregnancy-related conditions. The professor must give the student a reasonable opportunity to earn back the credit missed due to pregnancy.

While your professor may have a strict attendance policy, the university is bound by federal civil rights law. Title IX requires the university ensure that all faculty and staff comply with the law and do not discriminate against pregnant and parenting students. Please contact the Equity and Compliance Office if you have questions about your professor’s attendance policy as it relates to your pregnancy or parental responsibilities.
No. Your program must allow you to continue participating in off-campus programs. If your program provides opportunities to “work in the field,” you cannot be excluded based on your pregnancy. Your professor cannot require a doctor’s note for continued participation unless your professor requires one for all students who have a medical condition that requires treatment by a doctor. If they do ask for a note, they cannot second-guess your doctor’s decision.
Not necessarily. Title IX requires professors and administrators treat parenting students in the same manner and under the same policies as any other student. In other words, if your professor has a strict attendance policy, that policy can be applied to absences related to child care, provided it is similarly applied to any other absence. If you have a concern regarding your status as a pregnant or parenting student please the Office of Equity and Compliance. 
The University of Alaska prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex. Pregnant or parenting students who believe they have been discriminated against or harassed because of a qualifying condition may file a complaint with the Office of Equity and Compliance. 
Breastfeeding individuals typically need to express milk 2–3 times during every 8-hours to maintain their milk production and avoid health complications.  Employees and students who are breastfeeding require a private, clean space – that’s not a bathroom – to pump.  If you do not have a private office or control over when you take their breaks, you may need to request accommodation to take regular pumping breaks in a clean, private space.

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