UA HIPAA Organization Structure

 HIPAA Compliance Flowcharts

These flowcharts were created to give an easy, visual guide to how UA has structured itself in regards to HIPAA and other compliance regulations.

A flowchart expressing the reporting structure within the UA Compliance Office. The state-wide Compliance Office collaorates with Legal, Audit, Risk, IT Security, and Finance. The SW Compliance Office reports to the President or designee. Those reporting to the SW Compliance Office start with campus contact persons, who report to their respecting HIPAA entities or units collecting PHI. They report to their campuses, and the campuses report to the HIPAA Work Team. The Work Team reports to the HIPAA Stakeholder team, who report to the SWCompliance Office.

HIPAA Determination of UA Units

Flowchart that visually describes the steps taken to figure out if a unit is under HIPAA scope or not.  This involves work teams, approvals, questionairres, corrective actions, meetings, and such.

The documents and related information are under review by the HIPAA stakeholders and will be updated as and when they are received.