Why take the ALEKS PPL test?

Unless you have previously completed a mathematics or statistics course at UA or another college or university, you must take the ALEKS PPL test to be placed into the correct course in mathematics, statistics, and other quantitative subjects. If you have credit for a mathematics or statistics course already, check ExceptionsNote the test is free to you.

What are the steps?

  • Determine how you will take the test. This is an online test which you can take at home or at some testing centers. (Planning)
  • Pick the time. On average the test takes 90 minutes; however, you have up to 3 hours. If scheduling with a testing center let them know it takes 90 minutes on average.
  • Follow the instructions on installing the lockdown browser and virtual proctor (if needed).
  • Take the test.
  • After getting your score, you may use ALEKS PPL to review material and then retest to improve your score

Anyone needing to use a screen reader with the test needs to work with their local Disability Support Services office.


UAA Disability Support Services


UAF Disability Support Services


UAS Disability Support Services