Critical Minerals, Rare Earth Elements, and Alaska

Alaska has a wealth of critical minerals and rare earth elements which are going to be in high demand. We are working to reduce our nation's reliance on imported minerals by establishing Alaska's resources as competitive sources of supply.

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Bringing Alaska's Minerals Potential into Perspective

The University of Alaska was selected to conduct research on resource extraction, processing, and manufacturing with the objective of accelerating the development of carbon ores and critical minerals.

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What are critical minerals and why are they important?

Critical minerals are minerals that have important uses and no known substitutes and, as a result, a disruption in the supply of a critical mineral would have a negative effect on the nation’s economy and national security.

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2022 Summit

At the two-day summit, policy makers, agency representatives and industry leaders discussed Alaska’s potential to meet national needs and the necessary actions to fulfill that potential.

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