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An online directory, eDirectory (eDir) is available to the public at

Notes about editing information in EDIR provided by the Office of Information Technology:

  1. The URL for the UA Directory (EDIR) is To edit your own contact information you must log in, using the same credentials as your your Google Apps @ UA login.
  2. EDIR uses the "Preferred First Name" field in Banner. Employees who wish their directory entry to use something other than their legal first name as recorded in Banner may log in to UAOnline:
    After log in, select "Personal Information" then "Preferred First Name" to add, delete, or change your preferred first name. To edit information about other people or departments, you must be granted this ability by your campus security coordinator (via the same process used to grant privileges in Banner).
  3. "Home Department" shown for employees comes directly from employee HR records in Banner. You cannot change your department affiliation when editing your EDIR record. If your department affiliation is not correct, please contact your unit’s Personnel & Payroll Assistant or Cost Center Clerk and ask that the affiliation (home_org) for you be repaired in Banner HR's PEAEMPL form.
  4. "Home Department" is also used to list employees within a department in department records. Employees with multiple affiliations may be added to the employee listing using the "Other Department Affiliation" field in EDIR (adding this requires the "empladmin" role granted by your campus security coordinator).
  5. Once changes are made in Banner they are reflected in EDIR the morning of the next business day.
  6. Staff members will only be listed in the PDF version of the directory if they have an office locator in EDIR with a phone number and/or a physical address.

For further assistance with EDIR contact the OIT Support Center at 450-8300, 800-478-8226 or

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