Board of Regents

Mission Statement

"The University of Alaska inspires learning, and advances and disseminates knowledge through teaching, research, and public service, emphasizing the North and its diverse peoples."
Regents' Policy 01.01.01


-- August 23, 2018 - Special Meeting of the Board of Regents' Ad Hoc Committee on Presidential Performance - Fairbanks
--September 13-14, 2018 - Full Board Meeting - Juneau
-- November 8-9, 2018 - Full Board Meeting - Fairbanks

Live Stream Online using wireless devices or a computer during open session at:

Video streaming will be unavailable during executive session.


UA Values

Unity in promoting communication and collaboration.
Accountability to our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the diverse peoples of Alaska.
Leadership for Alaska's people and institutions.
Excellence in our programs and services.
Accessibility for all Alaskans.
Dedication to serving community needs.
Stewardship of our resources.

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