Photos by Statewide Staff

Distance sign post on the UAF campus. Photo by Anne Holte.
The Museum of the North. Photo by Anne Holte.
Jenny Grieve is an announcer and a racer with the Interior Racing Association in Delta. They have six classes, 2x4 ATV, 4x4 ATVs, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4. She won first place in Class 1 in June! Look for her competing during the Tanana Valley State Fair. Photo courtesy Jennifer Grieve.
Highway and railway hug the coast along Turnagain Arm. Photo by Amber Gichard.
Midnight view from Kenai River Bluff. Photo by Amber Gichard.
Raindrops on the sunroof. Photo by Leah Glasscock-Sanders.
Beautiful and frangrant peony. Photo by Leah Glasscock-Sanders.
An Alaskan planter. Photo by Leah Glasscock-Sanders.
A bee visits delphinium flowers. Photo by Monique Musick.
The Donkey Falls flow into Lake Chelan in Washington. Photo by Linda Hall.
The scenic Lake Chelan viewed from a boat. Photo by Linda Hall.
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