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OIT Identity and Access Management Services

OIT will establish a new department, Identity and Access Management Services, or IAM, on June 7.  Under the management of David Bantz, IAM will upgrade the authentication services for the University of Alaska to allow easier access to some external sites while safeguarding privacy and providing increased security. MORE...

Computer Updates

UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers has asked all employees on campus to conserve energy since UAF is currently purchasing power from GVEA due to scheduled maintenance at the power plant. This includes shutting down your computers at night.

If you have a PC, and you’re part of the SW or UAF domain, computers are left on so they can receive their security updates at 3 a.m. Obviously, if your computer is off during the night, it won’t receive and install those updates. You may be asking what will happen if you miss your updates? Currently, the next time the computer starts up, it will download and install those updates, and then throw up a ‘nag screen’ asking you to reboot. This ‘nag screen’ will pop up every 15 minutes until you reboot your computer. It’s best to reboot as soon as possible as the security updates won’t be in effect until you do so.

OIT Annual Report Available Online

The FY08 Annual Report for the Office of Information Technology is now available online at http://www.alaska.edu/oit/itreports/

Make the switch

Google Mail reminder

Statewide and UAF are migrating all email services to Google. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit http://google.alaska.edu and sign up for your new email account. Just click on  the “Google Apps@UA Opt-In page” link.  If you would like assistance, please contact the helpdesk at 450-8300 and IT support will be glad to help. Your current mail will be migrated and OIT can assist you in setting up Thunderbird or Outlook if you would like. Also, if you have a Blackberry or iPhone, they can help with that as well.

How to opt-in to the new GMail @ UA

Opting-in typically takes just a few minutes. First, visit the Google Apps @ UA opt-in page. After submitting the requested information, including your UA Username and password, an account request is sent to Google and usually within one business day you will be  notified via your old email address that your Google Apps @ UA account is ready to go. Then within 24 hours, all mail from the old account is automatically transferred over to the new Google account and at that time the @uaf.edu or @email.alaska.edu account becomes inactive. However, any messages sent to the old address will forward to the new @alaska.edu address for six months after your initial opt-in. Be aware that any vacation or mail forwards from previous accounts will need to be reset in the new Google Apps account, the address book from the old account will need to be exported, and listservs will need to be notified of the change of address. If you are interested in setting up a desktop mail client to view email, OIT suggests following instructions at google.alaska.edu. In the far right column note the “Instructions for Configuring Your Desktop Email Client” link. Here you’ll find instructions on how to easily set-up a desktop mail client. Finally, for any opt-in questions the OIT Support Center is an excellent resource, along with Google’s extensive set of help and learning tools.

OIT Tip of the Month

Phishing Scams and Virus Hoaxes

A recent e-mail phishing scam appeared to be from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) asking you to click a link for a site to enter your e-mail password. OIT will not ask for personal information in an e-mail. All e-mails such as this should be deleted. If you have questions about an e-mail from the university, call the OIT Support Center at 450-8300.

If you hear rumors of a "world - ending" computer virus, you can check your information at VMyths (http://vmyths.com/). This is one of the best virus hoax information sites on the web.

OIT Training Schedule

Click here to download the June training schedule.

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