Budget Workteam

The goal of the Budget workteam is to promote consistency, transparency and efficiency of budget related processes across the UA system.

The Office of Strategy, Planning and Budget coordinates a cross-functional team with participants from Finance, Human Resources, Institutional Research, Planning and Budget, and MAU level Budget departments. Members meet regularly to discuss current and future budget related topics. 

As a technical working group, meetings are closed and membership is limited. Communication with stakeholders at the MAU level is facilitated through current members. If you have an item for the team to address or would like to be considered for membership, please contact the liaisons for your MAU.

University liaison members:  

UAF        Jason Theis, Office of Finance and Accounting Director
                  Phone: (907) 474-6223
                  Email: jwtheis@alaska.edu 

UAA       Amanda Yauney, Budget Office Director
                  Phone: (907) 786-4636
                  Email: aryauney@alaska.edu

                 Trudy James, Budget Analyst
                 Phone: (907) 786-4635
                 Email: tjjames@alaska.edu

UAS     Julie Vigil, Director of Budget & Grants Administration
                Phone: (907) 796-6494
                Email: jlvigil@alaska.edu 

              Sarah Nierra, Fiscal Analyst
              Phone: (907) 796-6488
              Email: snierra2@alaska.edu 

SO       Kelly James, Senior Budget Officer (Finance)
              Phone: (907) 450-8072
              Email: UA-SO-Budget-Office@alaska.edu

             Heather Arana, Director of Employee Transition and Benefits (Human Resources)
             Phone: (907) 450-8226
             Email: hrarana@alaska.edu 

             Gwendolyn Gruenig, Director of Data Analysis & Institutional Research (IR)
             Phone: (907) 450-8190
             Email: gdgruenig@alaska.edu