Events RSS

Creating a new RSS Event Item

1.   Select "New Events Article" page template option when making a new page.

Note: Make sure the RSS feed you want your new event page to be associated with already exists.

new event

2.  Fill out the new events page information

set up events

3.  Ones the page is created you can customize what gets displayed in your RSS feed for the event:

:example of card event

4.  To Edit RSS feed item:

editing rss

5. "Publish Date" is what is displayed as an "Event Date".  "Publish Time" is an "Event Time".  Also this is how the RSS items are sorted.

You can overwrite Date, Time and Location in the "Extra XML"  area.
Example: if your event doesn't have a specific date and is ongoing or happens every first Friday of the month.
This is where you woud specify it.

rss edit6. Publish the page to publish the RSS item. It is added to the RSS feed

Rebuilding Feeds

Rebuilding a feed updates it after adding, editing, importing, or deleting items. To rebuild a feed, while viewing RSS items for a page, click the "Rebuild Feed" button above the list of items.

rebuild rss

Choose which publish target to publish the feed to, and click "Publish."