Set up a phone or landline

Instruction to enroll a telephone or landline as your first device for MFA

Enroll a phone or landline to your existing  Duo account

Step 1:  Add a new device

To start enrolling a new phone, click Add a new device. Add a New Device Link

Step 2 : Confirm your identity

You will need to use one of your existing enrolled MFA  devices to confirm your identity:

Authenticate to Add a Device

Setp 3:  Identify what type of new device to enroll

Once you confirm with an existing device, you will be prompted to identify what type of new device to enroll.
To use a regular voice telephone call for MFA, choose the  Landline option:

Select Device Type

Step 5:  Enter and confirm the telephone number you are enrolling

Enter and Confirm Phone Number

Click “Continue” button;  you  should see a screen with a listing of all the devices you have enrolled for MFA