State of the University: UA combines resilience with revenue generation

In the first State of the University address since the 2019 budget cuts, University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen outlined how the university is focused on recommitting to a strong and resilient university system, while driving revenue through increased enrollment and the associated tuition that comes with new students.

Speaking at the AlaskaCAN! Educational Equity Conference in Anchorage, Johnsen said the university is similar to the Phoenix, the mythological bird of fire, rising from the ashes of a challenging 2019. 

In addition to increasing enrollment, the university is looking at academic programs and administrative services for cost savings. These reviews are being done by each university and at the statewide level, according to criteria established by the Board of Regents. The Board’s five strategic goals are economic development, research, workforce development, educational attainment and cost effectiveness.

In his address, President Johnsen shared the vision for higher education in Alaska. This vision is based on literally thousands of inputs from hundreds of people across the state responding to two simple, but powerful questions: What if? Why not? The vision for UA in 2040 is for a seamless higher education system, a network if you will, with access for students and faculty and staff no matter where they are in their lives.

Johnson pledged that the university would remain resilient, while maintaining its core purpose in a changing environment.

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