Take an important survey and help with UA’s path forward

Thank you to those who have completed the University of Alaska stakeholder mapping survey. When it went out on Monday, August 12th, there was an initial glitch that took people directly to the survey, skipping the introduction, explanation of voluntary consent, and the place to sign and include your email address (which is stored separately from the data). That glitch was fixed by Monday afternoon, but if you were part of that first wave of respondents Monday morning, please click on the survey link to review the voluntary consent language and, if you agree, provide your name and e-mail address. You do not need to complete the rest of the survey, but this way we will know of your consent and we will also be able to be in touch with you with the results from the survey.  Of course, if you haven't completed the survey, you should continue on after the introduction and consent language to share your views.

Take the survey here.