COVID-19 Update on State worker guidelines from President Pitney

Sept. 24, 2021

Dear UA Community,

Yesterday, the governor directed state agencies to return to telework to the maximum extent practical. Throughout the University of Alaska system, we plan to stay the course using our current CDC-informed, multi-layered mitigation strategy. These layered measures include mandatory masking since August 2, social distancing and vaccination for some limited groups. These measures have been successful in holding down our university-related COVID cases to a moderate level, and have allowed us to continue operating classes and other on-site services at each of our universities.

We continue to evaluate implementing a UA systemwide vaccination policy. If you have not already been vaccinated, I strongly encourage you to do so to protect your health and others around you. Widespread vaccinations provide the greatest level of protection, both individually and for the community.

A reminder to all that our campus access policies require anyone who has COVID-19 or is symptomatic and awaiting test results to stay off university-managed properties. Do not go to an in-person class or to the office if you are sick with COVID symptoms, even if they are mild. Stay home until you are well or, if you tested positive for COVID-19, until 10 days have passed, whichever is longer. 

I’d like to thank each of you for all you’ve done - and continue to do - to create a COVID-safe environment at the University of Alaska.

Pat Pitney
Interim UA President