Remote Work Regulation Review Update

July 23, 2021

Earlier this month, the Project Team shared an initial draft of updated Remote Work Regulations with campus and university leadership, governance groups and other constituents for feedback. They received comments through an online feedback form and many other comments were delivered by individuals and groups to the Transition Monitoring Team and the Project Team. 

The Project Team is working to finalize the proposed regulations based on this feedback. The team will present them to President Pitney for her review next week. An updated version will be available on the Remote Work website.

There will be a 30-day comment period coordinated by the President’s office to allow time to gather final feedback from faculty and staff governance. The projected effective date of the new regulations will be September 30, 2021. 

The Project Team, Transition Monitoring Team and the Technical Expertise Resources group are compiling survey feedback alongside risk registry assessments, current procedure and resources and industry standard resources to develop training materials, supervisor and employee remote work resources and to draft the administrative guidelines for remote work at UA. The groups will continue working on the tools and support mechanisms while the President and university community review and comment on the proposed regulation changes.