HR Redesign Update

In this video interview, UA President Jim Johnsen and Chief Human Resources Officer Keli Hite McGee discuss the University of Alaska Human Resources redesign, what it means, and where to find more information.


The total video running time is just over 19 minutes. Use the timeline guide below to jump to the areas of most interest to you:


0:42 - Overview of the HR functional organization

2:38 - PPAs/CCCs and embedded HR staff

4:37 - Key stakeholder meetings - human resources staff reactions

8:00 - Implementation phase - HR staff applications and interviews

8:38 - Why layoff?

10:52 - Next steps

12:40 - Who will I go to for HR information? - HR business partners

13:26 - Are you looking at doing this in other areas?

15:49 - Redesign utilized previous studies and data

16:33 - More information: - HR transition website links

17:25 - Campus town halls


If you have questions or comments, please go to the HR Transition website: