Compliance Chat #14 - Data Security and Privacy

May 17, 2024

Let’s reflect on data security and privacy by first considering the following questions:

  • Do you purchase items online?  
      • Yes, and perhaps a little TOO much from Amazon…
  • Do you use streaming such as Netflix, Spotify or other services for music or movies?
      • Yes
  • Do you use LinkedIn, or other professional platforms?
      • Yes
  • Have you ever signed up for newsletters or subscriptions online?
      • Yes.
  • Do you use cloud storage for your work documents, personal files and photos? 
      • Yes

Each of these activities leaves a digital trace that contributes to your overall digital footprint. This  compounds exponentially when you consider the data production and online activity of all university employees and students. 

Digital footprint size varies across different employee roles. For instance, employees in executive positions typically hold a significant compliance role, receive high volumes of email, and have access to extensive confidential data (more about employee compliance responsibilities in Compliance Onboarding, pages 4-6). An alarming statistic is that executives are 12x more likely to be targeted in a cyber-attack*. It’s important to be aware of this and take steps to manage and protect your data exposure risk. 

Understanding your digital footprint involves evaluating the sensitivity of your data and its necessity for retention. Regular assessments of your data, storage locations, permissions, and deleting unnecessary files and using strong passwords are recommended practices to ensure data security and compliance with federal and other requirements.

Raina Collins, Senior IT Risk & Compliance Analyst from the UA System Office of Information Technology joins this Compliance Chat video installment with Mary Gower, Senior Institutional Compliance Liaison, to discuss data security and privacy. Together they will explore how to trim back the risk of unauthorized data access for UA employees.


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