Compliance Chat #12 Password Security

February 23, 2024

Welcome back to the Compliance Chat series, where experts engage in discussions related to cybersecurity, ethics, protection of minors, institutional compliance, and other relevant topics. Also, congratulations to our recent Compliance Chat $20 prize winners Shane, Alda, Sara, Amy!

In this Compliance Chat video installment we explore password security. Mary Gower, Senior Institutional Compliance Liaison, and Kaitlyn Malloy, UA Security Analyst from the UA Office of Information Technology, discuss effective strategies to protect against unauthorized access and maintain the confidentiality of critical data. It is essential that the university helps to enhance awareness and promote best practices in safeguarding sensitive information. 

Why University Employees Should Care:

Your password security directly impacts your daily work and personal well-being. When it comes to creating passwords, it's more than just picking any old combination of letters and numbers. We need to think about what makes a password really strong and safe. This is even more urgent and concerning with so much personal identity information ending up on the dark web and the growing sophistication of attacks by hackers.

By creating strong passwords, you shield your research, student interactions, sensitive emails and intellectual property from prying eyes. Think of it as safeguarding your professional reputation and ensuring uninterrupted access to critical systems. Plus, staying informed about password best practices empowers you to confidently navigate the digital landscape. Remember, your security matters—both within the university and beyond.

Take Action:

If you suspect that your password has been compromised, act promptly. First, change your password immediately to prevent unauthorized access. Next, contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Security at (907-450-8900) or visit the OIT’s website for further assistance and guidance.

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