Arctic Encounter Symposium to Spotlight UA Excellence

The University of Alaska is proud to co-host the 10th international Arctic Encounter Symposium (AES) in Anchorage from April 10 to 12. AES is the largest annual Arctic policy event in the United States and aims to confront the shared interests and concerns of the United States and the global community on current and future Arctic issues.

While some details remain TBD, UA students, faculty, research, and leadership will be well-represented during the three-day symposium, as a large number of panelists and speakers are UA-affiliated. Faculty and students from all three UA universities will speak about UA's leadership in Arctic security, energy, education, fisheries, changing climate and environment, and community development.

UA is also hosting two panel discussions. The “Building Arctic Leaders” session will feature faculty and students from Tamamta, the Climate Scholars program at UAF, ADAC-ARCTIC at UAA, and the AK Coastal Rainforest Center at UAS. The “Building Indigenous and Inclusive Education Across the Arctic” session includes panelists from UAA, Canada, and Norway. President Pitney will provide remarks during the symposium highlighting UA’s contributions to global Arctic expertise. 

More information about the symposium is available on the AES website.