Coming Soon: Upgrades to UAOnline will improve student, employee experience

April 19, 2024

The News: Changes are coming to how staff, faculty, and students interact with UAOnline. Over the next 18 months, UA will be upgrading UAOnline and Banner Self-Service to version 9. 

  • The version that UA is currently using will no longer be supported after November 2025.

Zoom Out: This upgrade is part of a broader initiative to modernize UA’s student information systems (SIS), business-critical processes, applications, and infrastructure. The SIS Modernization Program includes measures aimed at improving students’ experience at UA to help drive enrollment, recruitment, retention, and success for all three of our Universities. 

What is changing? The upgrade has improved functionality, is mobile-friendly, and has a more modern, intuitive, and accessible interface than what is used today.

What is not changing? You will still be able to access the student and employee information through UAOnline. As the upgrade occurs, some pages will look different. 

More than a facelift: This upgrade provides an opportunity to review and streamline processes, many of which were customized in the past, to improve efficiencies, better align with the platform, and make more tools and resources available. 

  • This will mean that university administrative departments may need to change current processes to best implement the new tool.  

When is this happening? The upgrade is being staged over the next 18 months. During the transition period there will be some services managed through the upgraded interface, while others will still be managed through the current interface. 

  • The first changes, the employee dashboard and updates to the general landing pages will be rolling out this summer

Where do I get more information? As each implementation phase approaches, we will communicate with affected users in coordination with University leadership, detailing what will be changing and when the changes will occur. A website is being created to house training videos, FAQs, and other resources to guide community members through the changes.