New “Empower Alaska” Video Debuts, Highlighting UA’s Expertise in the Arctic

January 12, 2024

The News: At the start of the new year, the UA’s Office of Public Affairs debuted "Coming North," a new video in the ongoing “Empower Alaska” campaign focusing on UA's expertise in the Arctic.

  • The video is a snapshot of UA's leading role in Arctic study, research, and work, in the Arctic, dovetailing with the new "Arctic Expertise" landing page on the Empower Alaska site.
  • The 5-minute version of the video zooms in to highlight the Climate Scholars Program at UAF as an example of unique opportunities for students attending UA. 
  • Briefer versions are also running as social media and digital video ad placements.

Why It Matters: For the past 100 years, the University of Alaska system has built a tremendous foundation in Arctic research, education, and leadership that deserves recognition.

  • As the nation’s premier Arctic university — with expertise and programs in multidisciplinary Arctic scholarship, research, global policy, and Indigenous and local knowledge — students, staff, and faculty across the system are focused on finding solutions to the challenges in the Arctic.
  • In addition to its unique and impactful programs, the university is recognized for leadership in the circumpolar north in policy, connections with Arctic partners, and commitment to building future Arctic leaders.

The Background: "Empower Alaska" is the University's ongoing, 3-year public awareness campaign, designed to highlight key programs and raise the profile and reputation of the University of Alaska. The campaign has engaged donors, the UA Foundation, alumni, students, staff, and faculty to help tell Alaskans about UA's impact on individuals and the state. 

  • Later this year, a follow-up survey of Alaskans will assess how the Empower Alaska campaign has moved Alaskans' awareness of UA's academic, workforce, and research programs.