Compliance Chat #9 Title IX

November 17, 2023

In this Title IX Compliance Chat video, Mary Gower is joined by the Directors of Equity and Compliance and Title IX Coordinators Mitzi Anderson from UAS, Sara Childress from UAA, and Kaydee Van Flein from UAF.  These colleagues discuss Title IX at the university as well as highlight changes made over the past decade to help ensure equal rights, prevent sexual harassment, and address sex-based discrimination in educational settings.

Regents Policy Chapter 01.04 – Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination Under Title IX

The Board of Regents of the University of Alaska System affirms its commitment to educational programs and activities that are free of discrimination on the basis of sex and gender.

The role of these leaders goes beyond mere adherence to civil rights laws. They strive to implement the core principles of respect and equality, actively working towards the realization of these objectives across the university system.

In the video, Anderson outlines the reporting procedures for incidents of discrimination, emphasizing the responsibility of university employees to promptly report such incidents. Childress highlights the evolution of Title IX over the past decade, noting increased awareness, federal changes, and improved support for parties involved in harassment and discrimination cases. Van Flein outlines steps for departments to become Title IX partners, emphasizing the importance of annual training and fostering an inclusive and respectful departmental culture.

Yesterday, more than 100 university supervisors participated in the UA Compliance Leadership for Supervisors training, a part of this year's National Compliance Week activities. Although tailored for UA's supervisors, the session contains valuable information for everyone and is accessible to all for viewing.

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