Join in UA’s National Compliance Week Events

November 3, 2023

National Compliance Week, an annual event November 6-10, provides a valuable opportunity to increase awareness among University of Alaska employees regarding institutional compliance. This week serves as a platform to refresh our memories on the principles of compliance, risk management, and ethical conduct. It’s a reminder of why we must uphold regulations and maintain the highest standards of behavior. 

We encourage employees to dedicate this time to gaining a better understanding of their specific compliance responsibilities, including speaking with their supervisors to understand the compliance requirements of their positions, and identifying relevant laws, Board of Regents policy, university regulation, and training specific to their role.

The university’s commitment goes further than simply making people aware of the steep consequences and financial penalties related to compliance violations, it includes actively taking steps to reduce the risks that could harm the university’s reputation. This initiative also promotes an ongoing culture of improvement in compliance and ethics, aligning with UA’s core mission of providing top-quality education and services to students.

National Compliance Week activities:

  • Monday, November 6, get ready for a Digital Scavenger Hunt with prizes. Put your compliance knowledge to the test!
  • Tuesday, November 7, supervisors will receive an invite to a zoom discussion to learn more about their compliance responsibilities as university managers or directors.
  • Wednesday, November 8, you’ll receive a handy Compliance Tips and Best Practices infographic to print and post for quick reference. It's user-friendly and designed for clear, effortless reading, making it an essential aid in understanding compliance.
  • Thursday, November 9, Mary Gower will moderate a session in Washington D.C. at the NACUA Conference, in collaboration with Title IV compliance experts. The session, titled "Your Role in Title IV Federal Student Aid Compliance: A View From Multiple Perspectives," promises to be enlightening. Also on Thursday, Nikki Pittman will present an update on our informative Compliance Chat video series during the Board of Regents’ Audit and Finance Committee meeting.
  • Friday, November 10, the winners of the Digital Scavenger Hunt will be selected and notified.

Keep an eye out for compliance-related questions integrated into the UA Employee Engagement survey from Human Resources later this month. Your feedback plays a pivotal role in shaping our compliance initiatives. 

We encourage you to mark your calendars and actively participate in these activities that promote a culture of compliance, responsibility, and ethics. 

Always, if anything comes to your attention that looks or feels suspicious, talk to your supervisor, and in the case of a possible crime, law enforcement. If you don’t feel comfortable going to your supervisor, utilize the confidential and anonymous UA Confidential Hotline to report.

For any additional information on Institutional Compliance, please reach out to Mary Gower at