UA notice of nondiscrimination updated

September 1, 2023

Since 2017, in order to meet the requirements of the Office for Civil Rights, the entire UA System has shared a common Notice of Nondiscrimination. A central website is used as a reference link which contains the most up-to-date information. That website is

Changes recently requested by a major research funding agency have impacted all levels of the university’s nondiscrimination statements including the micro, short and full versions as described below.

  1. Spell out AA/EO to read Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
  2. Add the word “provider,” ie “employer, educational institution and provider”

There are three versions of our nondiscrimination statement:

  1. Complete notice - The complete notice includes contact and procedural information and is required to be published in handbooks and publications describing policies and procedures. An additional research contact has been added to the complete notice  as requested. 

The next time handbooks or other publications are updated, please ensure that you are including the complete new text.

  1. Short version – A short version approved for other publications intended for students and employees can be used if a URL linking to the full notice is included. 

The short version has been modified to include the word “provider” as requested and needs to be updated in all future publications and postings of the notice.

  1. Micro version - The micro version that combines the affirmative action/equal opportunity notice with the notice of nondiscrimination also includes a link to the full notice. This version changed the most and now requires spelling out AA/EEO as well as inserting the word provider. 

UA is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, educational institution and provider and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual:

Please immediately begin incorporating the new micro version into fliers, email footers, websites, templates and all other areas where the combined statement is utilized.

As a reminder, here is a list of the required uses of the nondiscrimination statement.

Required Uses:
Universities are required to include a statement of nondiscriminatory policy in any bulletins, announcements, publications, catalogs, application forms, or other recruitment materials that are made available to participants, students, applicants, or employees including but not limited to:

  • academic catalogs
  • applications for admission
  • applications for employment
  • university websites
  • Handbooks (Use all required language)

This information also needs to be in any publication that mentions or describes sex discrimination policies, procedures, or prohibitions. The shortened version can be used so long as the URL links to the full notice of nondiscrimination.

Additional Usage:
Websites, publications and other university-generated materials must contain the shortened or micro version and a link to the full notice. The micro notice is designed to fit onto all space-constricted uses such as email or website footers, postcards, tickets, fliers, public notices or other small communications or publications. If space allows please use the shortened version.

Annual Notification:
Annual notification may include posting information notices, publishing in local newspapers, publishing in newspapers and magazines operated by the school or its students, publishing in alumni newspapers or magazines, or distributing memoranda or other written communications to students and employees.