COVID-19 update: End of university response

May 5, 2023

In this update:

  • COVID-19 emergency responses wind down
  • COVID-19 website to be retired
  • What to do if you get COVID-19
  • Are vaccinations required anymore?

COVID-19 emergency responses wind down

As has been widely covered in national media, the federal government earlier this month ended the COVID-19 national emergency. The separate federal public health emergency is slated to end on May 11. The University of Alaska will also end its formal COVID-19 response on May 11. This change means that we will handle any COVID-19 needs as part of our normal operations, rather than having special policies, memos and incident management teams in place. In most cases, employees and students won’t notice much, if any, difference in their workplace or classroom environment. All of the advice that was true throughout the pandemic remains true now. Stay home if you are sick, cover your cough, wash your hands and help keep our university communities healthy. 

COVID-19 website to be retired

As we transition out of the COVID-19 response, the University of Alaska COVID-19 website is being retired. On May 11, we will replace the website with a page that directs you to information at each university, human resources and Risk Services. 

What to do if you get COVID-19

As is the case with other illnesses, university employees and students should follow current medical guidance if they are exposed to or contract COVID-19. That guidance is not expected to change with the expiration of the federal public health emergency, and still includes testing, isolation and masking. You can learn more about current guidance on the CDC website.

Are vaccinations required anymore?

The university isn’t currently requiring or tracking employee vaccinations.