Compliance Chat #8 Protection of Minors

September 1, 2023

The growing presence of students under 18 on UA campuses, and the substantial increase in middle-college enrollments, are exciting and also highlight the importance of ensuring student safety and security. Middle college programs, such as North Star College at UAF and the Alaska Middle College High School through UAA, are established in collaboration between school districts and the University of Alaska to offer a valuable opportunity for high school students to begin college early.

The increasing volume of minors in youth camps, UA events, middle-colleges and other affiliated programs underscore the significance of protective measures for the well-being of these younger students within the university environment. Under Board of Regents’ policy Chapter 09.12 – Protection of Minors, the university provides a policy and regulation framework designed to ensure the safety of minors participating in programs, events, and activities. 

In the latest "Compliance Chat" video, Mary Gower, Senior Institutional Compliance Liaison, engages in an informative discussion with Protection of Minors’ managers Bridget Ballou and Jessy Benton. The conversation sheds light on the key information everyone should be aware of when it comes to upholding the safety and well-being of minors on campus.

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