Understanding and avoiding improper influence in grants, contracts, leases and loans

April 7, 2023

Alaskans are renowned for their independent spirit and it is no surprise that 99 percent of businesses in Alaska are classified as small businesses. Many members of our university community grew up working in a family business, have started businesses of their own, or have family members that have started their own business. Each of these entrepreneurial pursuits brings forward an interesting array of situations to consider, such as compliant employment and contracting with the university.  

As university employees, the Executive Branch Ethics Act (EBEA) provides us guidance for safely navigating these situations and serves as our Standards of Ethical Conduct. The EBEA states that “employees, or an immediate family member, may not attempt to acquire, receive, apply for, be a party to, or have a personal or financial interest in a state grant, contract, lease, or loan if the employee may take or withhold official action that affects the award, execution, or administration of the state grant, contract, lease, or loan.”

Learn more about these requirements as we continue our coverage of the Executive Branch Ethics Act in this month’s “Compliance Chat” video clip.  Mary Gower, Senior Institutional Compliance Liaison, meets with Andy Harrington from the Office of the General Counsel for a quick overview of the guidelines to avoid improper influence. 

Interested in trying to win a prize?  After watching this Compliance Chat and answer the question: 

  • If you have financial interest in a lease executed by the university, who do you report that information to?

Email your answer to ua-compliance@alaska.edu.  A correct answer will be drawn at random to receive $20* at Amazon.com!

*Gift certificates are taxable. Responses due before April 30, 2023.