“For Alaska” Campaign Reaches 20,000 Total Donors

May 5, 2023

The News: The University of Alaska Foundation’s “For Alaska” campaign reached a major milestone this week - since the effort began in 2016, 20,000 unique donors have given in support of public higher education across the UA System.

  • To put that in perspective, it would take 40 747 jumbo jets to hold everyone. We could fill three Symphony of the Seas - the largest cruise ship in the world - with campaign donors. And if everyone who made a gift during the campaign lived in one Alaska location, it would be the state's fourth largest city!

By The Numbers:  “For Alaska” is the Foundation’s first ever comprehensive campaign, and the results have continued to impress:

  • Over $224 million has been raised since the campaign began - surpassing the original goal of $200 million
  • 10,481 of those 20,000 donors are first-time givers to the University System.
  • Alumni make up 7,329 - or about 40% - of total donors

Background: The “For Alaska” Campaign is a system-wide effort built on the future vision of a vibrant, empowered Alaska. Its four focus areas - Education, Critical Research, Economy, and A Skilled Workforce - have allowed donors and the university community to coalesce around supporting that future vision. 

Why It Matters: The results speak for themselves - in addition to hitting 20,000 unique donors, the Campaign hosted the most successful UA Giving Day ever in February, raising over $1.3 million in just 49 hours from 1,700 donors. Private philanthropy and scholarship support is one of the main ways UA keeps higher education affordable and accessible.