LinkedIn Learning Licenses Available to UA Staff

December 15, 2022

Staff Alliance is offering LinkedIn Learning licenses again, through calendar year 2023, for professional development needs to all staff throughout the University of Alaska System. LinkedIn Learning, formerly, has thousands of professional online courses that build in-demand skills as well as certification preparation pathways and continuing education units.

Request a license here

Browse courses at LinkedIn Learning is a module within the LinkedIn professional networking platform. In order to use LinkedIn Learning you will need to establish a free profile at

License Terms: 1. If approved, your license must be activated and learning started within 30 days of issuance. 2. Licenses must be used regularly. If no activity is logged after 60 days your license will be reallocated. (Your progress will not be lost if you choose to pay for the services privately.)

Thank you to President Pitney for supporting professional development for staff with these funds.

For more information, contact Lauren Hartman.