2020 Responsible Employee Designation

August 20, 2020

As a university employee, you play a key role in fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment where students and employees feel safe and supported. To assist you in this role, we provide tools and information through annual Title IX training. This training is mandatory, and will be available to employees beginning September 1, and must be completed by September 30, 2020. Required annual training is just one change implemented since the university signed a Voluntary Resolution Agreement with the Office for Civil Rights in February 2017. 

This week, OCR advised the university that we have successfully met and completed all of the terms outlined in the VRA, and OCR has officially closed it. Hard work has gone into meeting every requirement and working to ensure safe campuses, and we thank each Title IX team and our three chancellors for working to satisfy every requirement. 

Our commitment to ensure safe campuses continues. This year, new federal guidelines were released which necessitated significant changes to Board of Regents policy and university regulations. The definition and scope of sexual harassment under Title IX has changed significantly, as have the processes for formal investigations, grievances and appeals. While the new definitions mean that many behaviors are no longer covered under Title IX, inappropriate behavior by students or employees will be addressed under other existing policies and conduct requirements, and UA will continue to provide supportive measures and outreach to students who request assistance.

An entirely new employee training course is being developed to cover these changes to comply with the new guidelines. The training will be accessible through MyUA and includes how to recognize and identify sexual discrimination and sexual harassment and also informs employees how to file a report and how the university responds to allegations, including a list of relevant resources. 

UA faculty and staff are reminded of your duties as a “responsible employee.” Title IX creates a duty for the university’s employees to report any sex or gender-based discrimination, including sexual assault and sexual harassment, they become aware of to their campus Title IX coordinator. 

Contact your university’s Title IX Coordinator at:

University of Alaska Anchorage
Sara Childress, Director/Title IX Coordinator
(907) 786-0818

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Margo Griffith, Executive Director & Title IX/ ADA-504 Coordinator

University of Alaska Southeast
Romee McAdams, Coordinator for the Office of Equity and Compliance (Title IX, EEO, ADA/504, Clery Compliance)

The UA System’s Equity and Compliance site has new resources to help explain the changes to university policy and regulations, formal and informal processes, definitions and responsibilities. Please visit https://alaska.edu/equity/ title-ix/compliance/new- guidelines/index.php for more information. 

The key to creating a safe and respectful workplace is using the tools provided through Title IX training to stop sex and gender-based discrimination. All of us have to be responsible to prevent and promptly report all types of misconduct. Your continued dedication to this effort is appreciated.