Time to Convert Google Classic Sites to New Sites

July 23, 2021

Starting January 2022 any UA Google Workspace classic Site will no longer be viewable. Classic site owners are being asked to convert and publish their classic sites to the new Google Sites experience before January 1, 2022.

UA Google Workspace classic sites need to be converted to the new Google Sites experience before the new year to avoid having the site automatically moved and placed in a draft / unpublished state.

How to Convert Your Classic Site(s)

Visit the Classic Sites Manager tool to help you with the conversion process. Here you can:

  • Select each of your sites, clicking on the Conversion tool separately for each. Doing this will convert the classic version of your site to a draft of the new Sites experience.
    • If you want it to continue to be available to visitors, publish the converted unpublished draft version of your website.
  • Download your websites if you want to store archived versions of your websites.
  • Delete websites that you no longer need.

If you take no action before January 1, 2022, any classic site that you own will automatically be downloaded as an archive, saved to your Google Drive, and replaced with a draft in the new Google Sites location for you to review and publish.

Questions about converting from classic Sites to new Sites? Visit the Sites Help pages for in-depth information.