October Tech Tips

Office of Information Technology

  • Be creative when setting your ELMO security questions! Generate questions with answers that are difficult to guess and don’t contain information easily found on social media. #cyberaware #securityawareness

  • Cybercriminals love it when you overshare on social media – they can learn all about you! #BeCyberSmart and make it harder for them by avoiding posting real names, places you frequent and home, school and work locations. #CyberAware

  • Use a unique password for each account to stay safe online. Do not use your UA login and password combination for third-party applications, such as social media and other websites.  #cyberaware #securityawareness

  • Keep new passwords strong! Use passphrases at least 12 characters long pertaining to things you enjoy. This will make them easier to remember and prevent brute force password attacks from succeeding! #cyberaware #securityawareness