New snippets in OU Campus

September 16, 2022

The OIT web development team has created a variety of new snippets for use on UAF and System Office web pages. Training in OU Campus is required in order to gain edit access to university websites.  

Featured Content Box wrapper (SW version), and UAF version allows you to highlight content and make aspects of a page stand out.  Variations include background colors, gradient border and full width or container width options. You can insert any snippet or component inside the "Featured Content Box wrapper" and select the Box style option. It will replace the "Featured Content with background" snippet.

Enhancements to the Colorbox snippet include theme options, as well as options to have more than 3 boxes. 

New Tabs Snippet styles add more color options to Tabs. You can now select between Basic (default), Blue background, Gray Background, or Custom styles (you can assign your own).