Be mindful of copyright issues

April 21, 2023

The University of Alaska provides network and computing infrastructure to promote the basic missions of the university in learning, research, and service, by facilitating communication, collaboration, and access to information resources. Users of this infrastructure must be mindful of and respect ownership of intellectual property and copyrighted information to which this infrastructure can provide access.

Copyright and intellectual property rights may attach to files of any media type, including software, texts, databases, images, video, music & other audio files. Abuse of computing or network technologies to copy or distribute materials in violation of copyright, license, or intellectual property rights undermines the free exchange of ideas and access to information resources central to the university's mission and is expressly forbidden by University Policy and Regulation.

The University of Alaska aggressively investigates specific claims of such abuse, including abuses using personally owned computers connected to the university's network. Verified abuses may lead to immediate suspension of access to university networks and/or computing resources, subject violators to possible university disciplinary action, and expose them to fines, other civil penalties, and criminal prosecution by copyright owners.

For claims of infringement pursuant to Section 512(c) of the Copyright Act contact the UA Claims Agent. 

Links to relevant materials on copyright and appropriate use of copyrighted materials:

Copyright Act 

University of Alaska Regents' Policy, Part II Administration, Chapter VII - Information Resources 

U.S. Code Title 17 - Copyrights 

Primary sources on federal and international copyright law, including reviews of judicial opinions and current litigation, articles on fair use & historical overview of copyright law. 

American Library Association summary of copyright issues and analyses. 

Association of College and Research Librariesposition papers on copyright issues with emphasis on academic libraries such as fair use.

National Paralegal College: Informational page about Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights