Checklist for working remotely

Before heading home, visit OIT’s Checklist for Working Remotely:

  1. Forward your office phone to cell phone - see specific instructions in Communication Tools

  2.  Grab your stuff. Gather any equipment or books you will need to reference while away for an extended period of time.

  3.  Set up your Google Remote Desktop Google Hangouts, Google Hangout Meet.  Send invites to those with whom you'll need to connect.

  4.  Set up your VPN connection
    View programs that typically require VPN access  

  5.  Test webcam, headphones and audio connections from your remote office location.

  6. Test your bandwidth connection speed from your remote office location (you will need minimum 60-80 kbps for audio only, 1.5 Mbps for video).
    No internet? View connection options.

  7. Upload any files from your desktop to Google Drive that you'll need while you're away.

  8. If you regularly connect to a network drive at work, here's how to map to that same drive from a remote office location.

  9. Create a space to hold video meetings.