Banner 8 unavailable starting September 1

Banner 8 unavailable starting  September 1

The next major milestone of the transition is here. Beginning September 1, 2020 users can no longer use Banner 8. All functional areas, including HR, Finance, Student and Financial Aid, have had access to the upgraded platform since October 2018.

As you know, vendor support for Banner 8 ended in December 2018. In the time since that transition many improvements have been made to increase functionality and troubleshoot issues in the new platform. Throughout this process, efficiencies have been implemented and where possible forms or processes have been eliminated. Many improvements have been made in this time, and it is no longer financially viable to continue to support two separate systems.

Notice and transition details

Banner leads for all functional areas will reach out to individuals still using Banner 8 to verify the transition into Banner 9 and address any remaining issues or training needs. Functional areas may choose to turn off Banner 8 forms after September 1 to ensure that everyone is using the new platform.

Training and issue reporting

Banner 9 training is ongoing. Please view the OIT website for online training opportunities and to register for training sessions:

Users are asked to report any problems they are still encountering in Banner 9.