UA/UAF website page check requirement

Beginning June 1, 2023, UAF and UA System pages on Modern Campus CMS (formerly known as Omni CMS) will require "page check" on edited pages prior to publishing. The page check tool checks for misspelled words, broken links and accessibility errors.

Running the page check tool will enhance the quality of published web content, as well as help UA webpages adhere to UA’s accessibility requirements

To prepare for this change, users should familiarize themselves with the current web accessibility requirements and page check tool. Users should also review existing web pages for any potential spelling, link or accessibility errors that may be flagged prior to the required page check implementation. See UA’s website accessibility training page for a brief tutorial on using page check as well as tips and tutorials on resolving common accessibility errors such as:

If you need assistance resolving any errors flagged by page check, use the “request help” gadget in Modern Campus CMS (formerly known as Omni CMS) (see screenshot) to contact a UAF or UA web developer. The gadget, when selected in the sidebar, alerts members of the local Modern Campus CMS (formerly known as Omni CMS) support team via email. The user includes a description with specifics about their issue or question, and the support team responds. 

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please reach out to the UAF University Relations web team at or the OIT Support Center at