UA offices and departments begin utilizing NextGen forms to streamline processes

September 1, 2023

Did you know many of our offices and departments at the University are utilizing NextGen forms to streamline processes? Forms route automatically for approvals, and you have the ability to log into NextGen using the Single Sign On process to check where any of your forms, from any department, are in the approval process. NextGen forms can also be automatically uploaded to OnBase for retention!

If you have a NextGen form in process, you may receive emails at various points to let you know the status. These emails are not generated from an email address. They will come to you from This is a safe sender, they are not spam or phishing attempts. It is ok to click on the links in these emails. If you do not, it can hold up approvals for the things you are trying to get done.

If at any time you have concerns about an email you have received, it is best to follow the

recommendations from UA IT and report it if necessary.