Alaska Transitioning to 10-Digit Local Call Dialing

Oct. 15, 2021

Telephone dialing is changing in Alaska and across the nation. By October 24, 2021, local in-state calls will require the 3 digit area code + the typical 7 digit phone number for a total of 10-digits. This is true for land-lines and cell phones alike and after October 24, all calls dialed with the traditional 7-digits will be rejected. This change affects all phone dialing in Alaska.

Details to Consider - In addition to dialing differently, please think about what services your department manages that depend on telephone dialing. For example:

  • Change published contact info to include the 7-digit phone number instead of the 4-digit campus extension.
  • Phone contact lists
  • Call forwarding settings
  • Fax machines
  • Pre-programmed speed dials
  • Automatic dialers (e.g. fax machine)
  • Voicemail services and other similar functions
  • Fire or burglar alarm and security systems or gates
  • Life safety systems or medical monitoring devices

Below is campus specific information on these changes:

Expect more details from the three main campuses, as they will send out additional information in their respective communication newsletters on changes specific to their units. 

Why is this change happening?
In 2020 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved 988 as the three-digit direct dial code to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The new 988 hotline number overlaps with Alaska’s current 7-digit dialing plan, as the 988 prefix is also in-use within many Alaska phone numbers. Nationwide telephone line customers are modifying their local dialing so that callers can more easily reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline using the 988 prefix. Be advised that until then, dialing 800-273-TALK (8255) is the number to reach the Lifeline.

For questions about the dialing procedure change, visit the Regulatory Commission of Alaska website

As always your local IT Service Desk is here to help answer any questions. For more information peruse OIT’s 10-Digit Dialing Transition FAQs, visit the OIT Service Desk, or submit a Telephone Support request.