Did you know that the University of Alaska Anchorage’s program for training air traffic controllers [ATC] is nearly 50 years old?

The ATC program was started in 1971 at Anchorage Community College and has become one of the top air traffic control programs in the country graduating more than 700 students in the past two decades alone. The nationally recognized program offers state-of-the-art air traffic control simulators and its grant-funded upgrade to the ATC radar simulation lab now replicates the current enroute radar systems. And, did you know that it is the only lab of its kind nationwide existing outside the FAA Academy? 

From a small classroom to today’s high tech, futuristic simulation technology, UAA's ATC program is an important part of Alaska's aviation history and a top destination for students to pursue a career in air traffic control. The growth of this program demonstrates the investment made by the university to meet the needs of Alaska’s aviation industry -- a major part of the state’s economy that impacts about 82 percent of Alaska communities not connected by a contiguous road system.