Did you know that nearly 450 UA student interns have gone through the Sen. Ted Stevens Legislative Internship Program since its inception in 1988?

One of those graduates, Elizabeth Bolling (UAS ’13), now owns her own lobbying firm in Juneau. After graduating from UAS with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with an interdisciplinary concentration in Political Science, Anthropology and History, Elizabeth followed the entrepreneurial route and founded Bolling Consulting. “There’s no other place than Alaska where a 20-year-old can be a successful lobbyist with her own firm. You cannot do that in California,” she notes. Her current clients include those in the healthcare industry and companies that require her help in political strategy, communications and lobbying. Her firm is growing and she says she plans on hiring other UA grads in the future, but for now she’s putting her UAS degree to work for her clients and Alaska. 

Bolling Consulting