Did you know that with more than 20,000 donors, the University of Alaska Campaign “For Alaska” has raised over $250 million dollars?

September 12, 2023

As of this September, this multi-year campaign has raised a total of $250.67 million dollars. The 20,136 donors have demonstrated their support for the UA System through their philanthropic contributions. Notably, 10,592 donors made a gift for the first time, and 7,595 are alumni.

For Alaska is a philanthropic campaign for the University of Alaska to raise private support for UAA, UAF, UAS, and system-wide priorities. The campaign’s themes are: expanding access to education; building Alaska’s workforce; enhancing our economy; and supporting globally significant research vital to Alaska and the far North.

  • The campaign supports accessible, equitable higher education and student success and raises funds for scholarships and specialized programs such as Preparing Indigenous Teachers, Administrators for Alaska's Schools (PITAAS), and the 49th Finishers Scholarship

  • Private and corporate support is critical as the university works to fill workforce demands in healthcare, engineering, construction and science; to build up real-world training programs available through e-campus; to continue investing in training programs through the Schools of Career Education; and acquiring equipment donations to prepare students to meet the state’s growing workforce demands.

  • UA is focusing on in-state business collaborations that help industries acclimate their work practices in response to changing environmental conditions. Efforts to grow and diversify the economy include multidisciplinary partnerships such as the Alaska Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, which is housed in the Colleges of Engineering and Business and Public Policy at UAA.

  • UA research is centered on solving real-world challenges, aiming to generate philanthropic support for ongoing leadership in arctic research, funding the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), and UAS’ integral research in fisheries and marine ecosystems.

By September 2023, the campaign was $50 million over the $200 million goal. It also achieved a 117% increase in annual alumni giving and a 26% increase in the annual average total giving. Students, faculty, and programs across the state will benefit from the creation of 222 new scholarships, and 170 new endowments. The campaign continues through June 2024. To learn more visit the campaign website.

How to give: To join in the effort to support Alaska’s students, faculty, programs, and research, visit the main Donate page. To choose an area you would like to support, click on the link in the text to search for particular funds. For example, you can type “workforce” into the search bar and see all options related to workforce, including scholarships. You could also just select “other” on the drop-down menu and type it in directly, if you already know what area or fund you’d like to support.

For more information please visit www.UniversityForAlaska.com or reach out to Megan Riebe, Associate VP of Development at 907-786-7746.