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Resource Owners

Notes for Resource Custodians

This page is intended for those folks who have been designated to manage resources within Google Calendar by their department. Here, you will find information on how to set up your resource calendars the way that you want them to be set up.

Since you are managing the calendar, the resource calendar shows up under "My Calendars". You have the ability to set the settings to whatever you like. We only ask that you do not change the Calendar Name. We understand that the name is long, and remembering it can be arduous, but with users across the state, its important that every resource keep with the standardized naming convention for those that are otherwise unfamiliar with common resource names in Fairbanks.

This guide will explicitly outline the details of each calendar setting, so you can wisely choose the management method best fit for you and your needs.

How to configure Auto-Accept Invitations and Notifications

Select the Resource Calendar You Wish to Modify

Go to Auto-accept Notifications

Choose the optimal setting for your calendar - For details, please read the section below ...

Understanding Auto-Accept Invitations

An explanation of the different acceptance levels

Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict

When this option is enabled, the resource calendar will automatically accept invitations when there are no conflicting events scheduled. If events are already scheduled for the same time range, the invitation will be automatically declined. In order to take advantage of this option, your friend's sharing access must be at minimum set to "See all event details" on this calendar. Invitations for recurring events are accepted only if less than three instances of the recurring event conflict with other existing events. That is, if three or more instances conflict, all occurrences of the event are auto-declined. Examples of use include scheduling a conference room for team meetings or booking a shared instrument at a music school.

Automatically add all invitations to this calendar

When this option is selected, all invitations will appear on this calendar, regardless of conflicts. With this level, it's not necessary to have direct access to the calendar in order to reserve the resource. However, it is necessary to share your calendar's email address with those without direct access to your calendar to schedule events. Examples of use include multiple trade show vendors reserving the same conference facility or coordinating a basketball tournament for multiple teams in the same arena.

Do not show invitations

This is the recommended default option for controlled use resource calendars. When this option is selected, the calendar will function as a regular calendar, not a resource calendar. You can create events, send invitations, and share the calendar with others just like your primary calendar. Examples of use include managing deadlines for school projects or a television company publishing a public calendar for program scheduling.

In "Notifications", in the Email column, check each of the 4 invitation boxes - select "save"

By checking each of these boxes, you will receive email notifications when changes are made to the resource - it is important to note that these changes will take time to propagate through the Google Apps @ UA system before becoming completely activated.

As a Resource Custodian, How Do I Respond to Requests?

The above image is an example of a message sent to a Resource Custodian regarding a room request.  As the Resource Custodian, we suggest that you select the "more details" which should open a new tab in your web browser

This image shows you the relevant information and allows you to make the appropriate response - click your mouse in the dark green are in the upper right.

This area now changes to allow you the choice of your response as well as an option for you to add a note to the requester - if you are including a response, make sure that select "Submit Response".

Make sure to select "Save Changes" in the lower left of the message.

Your personal calendar must also be set to receive notifications because as a resource coordinator, those invitations will come to your personal calendar via email for approval.  These modifications may take as long as 24 hours to completely work their way through the Google Apps system.

To the right of your personal calendar, click "Notifications".

Ensure that the boxes in the email column are selected, and once again, be sure to click the 'Save' button below.

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