About Data Warehouse

Formed in 2021 as a shared services model, the Data Warehouse team maintains the centralized data warehouse in support of the institutional reporting needs across the University system.  Key data sets are extracted or frozen on specific dates to provide consistent reference points for reporting and analysis.

Warehouse data varies from the data in Banner production or other “live” sources where routine data entry can cause changes from day to day.   Freezing warehouse data tables makes them static and not subject to fluctuations like “live” operational data.   The Warehouse team also maintains many custom data points with unique definitions that are not native to the source data sets.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Treat data as a valued asset of the University that belongs to everyone.
  • Create the frozen data tables required by the four Institutional Research Offices to generate reports and insights used in decision-making.
  • Optimize resources by increasing common data sets, increasing automations, and centralizing warehousing tasks common to all four Institutional Research offices.
  • Promote consistency by upholding common, official, custom data definitions and applying data quality standards.

Data Warehouse Team 

Paul Layer, Supervisor
Vice President Academics, Students, and Research

Lara McFarland
Lead Data Warehouse Analyst

Melanie Donhauser
Data Warehouse Analyst




E-mail inquiries may be directed to the Data Warehouse via our google group: