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Voting begins Monday, April 27 and concludes Friday, May 15

Results from the election will be announced May 18. Elected members will serve two years (2016-2018). Members are elected by being among the 4 candidates who receive the most votes. The two candidates with the next highest number of votes will be selected as alternates. If, for any reason, a member cannot fill a term, the top alternate will move into a voting position. Alternates serve for one year (2015-2016).

Review Candidates: Candidates are featured below along with biographical information.Please review the candidates then use the anonymous ballot to submit your representative preferences.

2014 SAA Candidates

Britton Anderson

Britton has been working with OIT since 2007 in various capacities. His love for technology has shined through in the University's technological advancements, championing services and helping departments adopt them and assisting with their business practices. As a result, he's developed an affinity for teaching his love for technology to others and teaches in the IT Specialialist program at CTC, the same program he graduated from.  In 2011, he served on UAF Staff Council and served on the Parking comittee, as well as the Facilities committee for the design and construction of the new Margaret Murie Building. In 2012, he transitioned professionally to the Network Operations team and began serving on SAA as an alternate, and has helped with key initiatives such as BOR Policy review,  and Shaping Alaska's Future. And I would love the opportunity to continue to serve for our community .

Tanya Coty

I have worked for the University since April of 2011 and my current position is executive assistant to the CHRO.  I would like to continue to serve on SAA to be a voice for all Statewide employees.  SAA is a very important part of making the University a great place to work.  

Christi Eickholt

Christi Eickholt, SW Cost Analysis. I have been with Statewide since the end of February and in the UA system since November, 2012. I bring a new perspective to the SAA and I am always looking for ways to improve processes. I am very family oriented and can provide good feedback regarding changes to employee welfare and workplace environment.

Linda Hall

I came to Fairbanks from Anchorage in Feb 2006 joining UA Statewide in Cost Analysis. I moved to Fairbanks in order to be closer to the grandkids. In December 2007 I accepted an accountant position in Foundation Accounting. I have been in the accounting field for over 20 years. In 2005 I was an ambassador to China in the People to People program for accounting.  I traveled to Beijing and Shanghi for that program. In my spare time I like to take walks, crochet, read, travel or spend time with the grandkids.

Being part of SAA, I can make a difference as we go forward here at the University. As staff we need a voice and SAA is that voice.

Karesa Kramer

My name is Karesa Kramer and I work as an Accounting Technician with the
Foundation Accounting team. I have been an employee of the University
since August of 2006. I am married with a six year old son. I have
served as a proxy for a couple different SAA meetings and have enjoyed
being involved with people’s concerns and opinions.  I think it would be
great to have this opportunity to service as a member of the SAA.

Buffy Kuiper

I've worked for the university for ten years, currently with the UA
College Savings Plan and the UA Scholars Program. I want to become a
member of SAA to become more involved in staff issues and help to be an
advocate for staff and continue to make UA the place to work.

Tom Langdon

I moved to Fairbanks and joined OIT in September of 2011. Since then I have become progressively involved in University affairs and interfacing with more and more staff. Serving in governance is yet another way for me to contribute to improving our workplace. Working at the University has been an incredible experience for me and I look forward to contributing to making it even better.

Kathleen Miner

I work in University Relations for Carla Beam and Chris Christensen. I have worked for the University for over two years now and enjoyed my time serving on SAA to date. I would like to continue to serve SAA as an Anchorage representative and be a part of the process of discussing issues which affect the staff at large in Anchorage and Fairbanks. The past two years have been rewarding to be a part of this governance group and professionally work through a wide variety of situations.

Monique Musick

I work for the Office of Public Affairs. Participating in governance has been the most important way for me to contribute to improving the workplace, comment on policies and practices affecting staff, represent staff concerns, facilitate communication, and to learn about activity at all levels of the university. I enjoy this work and would like the opportunity to continue to represent staff perspectives in the systemwide governance process.

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