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The Nomination Committee is pleased to announce the Slate of Candidates for the 2016 Statewide Administration Assembly election.
Thank you to all who participated in the 2016 nomination process. 

2016 Candidate Slate 


I am a life-long Alaskan.  I was born and raised in the North Pole/Fairbanks area.  In 2001, I graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a bachelors' degree in business administration with an emphasis in Human Resources management.  I have been a part of the UA System Cost Analysis team as a Cost Analyst for two and a half years.  Before that I worked for the UA System Office of Human Resources for 7 years as an HR Systems coordinator, HR Systems specialist, and HR Systems Analyst.  I would like the opportunity to serve on the SAA, because I want to learn more about the systemwide governance process and become an advocate for staff.


I came to Fairbanks in Feb. 2006 from Anchorage to be with the grandkids. I started work in Cost Analysis and in December 2007 took a position in Foundation Accounting were I am currently working. I have been in the accounting field for 30+ years. My family is from Alaska and I have lived here most of my life with a short stint in California when I was a kid. In 2005, I was an ambassador to China in the People to People program for accounting. I traveled to Beijing and Shanghai with that program. In my spare time I like to take walks, crochet, read or spend time with the grandkids.


I came to Alaska in 2001 to be part of a group conducting ecological research at UAF.  Since then, I have filled several roles at the university - I have been a graduate student, a field assistant, a laboratory technician, and in recent years, I have been a systems coordinator in Statewide Finance.  My varied background has provided me with a broad understanding of many aspects of the university and the people that work here.   The university’s contributions are threaded through all parts of our state, and have the ability to improve communities and the land and resources that we value.   I am proud to be part of the University of Alaska, and our statewide team, and I would like to be part of the discussions that are guiding change during these difficult budget times.


I am a born and raised Alaskan with a plan of keeping Alaska my “forever” home.  I received my associate’s degree in applied business in 2010 from UAF.  I began working for the University in 2014 as the Gift Manager for the Foundation.  I have a strong work ethic and am always putting my best foot forward on improving my part for the Foundation and for those who I interact with for the Foundation.  I enjoy helping others and learning for the better.  I would be honored to join SAA and do my best to represent statewide employees.


Eric Johnson was born and raised in Fairbanks and began working at Statewide Strategy, Planning, and Budget in 2013; although, he has been involved with the University of Alaska in various capacities nearly his whole life. From taking advantage of growing up adjacent to the UAF ski trails as a kid to earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics, UA as played an integral role in his life. Now, as a Statewide employee, Eric is eager to contribute to the efforts of advancing the University during the challenging times ahead.


I am passionate about the university and have worked for this great institution as a student employee and staff member. I work for the UA College Savings Plan and UA Scholars Program and love helping families plan and prepare as we strive to advance educating Alaska’s youth, and encourage them to attend the University of Alaska. I was honored to serve on SAA the last two years and learned the important role that SAA plays and the positive impact made on behalf of its members.  I am honored to voice the opinions of my colleagues when they express concern and open to hearing opposing positions as well. I feel I am actively involved as I have served on three committees.  I would love to continue to serve, promote our university and continue to be an advocate and represent my colleagues. Thank you!


Tom moved to Fairbanks and joined OIT in September of 2011. After receiving his first parking ticket, Tom promptly ran for UAF Staff Council and actively participated in the parking office's transition into the UAF Bursar's office, along with several other technology and compensation initiatives. Since then he has become progressively involved in University affairs as a member of more than a dozen councils. 

After his first term on UAF Staff Council, Tom was elected to SAA, briefly serving staff concerns at both UAF and SW. Tom was appointed to represent SAA on Staff Alliance his first year with SAA and took a leadership role with several UA system wide regulation updates.

Most recently Tom has served as the President of SAA overseeing the Governance body's transition with a new UA President. 

When he's able to get time away from the University, Tom enjoys spending time in the mountains and in the far remote locations of Alaska hunting, fishing, biking and climbing.


My name is Danielle Nelson and I’m a claims adjuster with the System Office of Risk Services in Anchorage.  I’ve been at UA since 2013 and I’m also currently a graduate student at UAA pursuing a master’s degree in public administration.

I had the opportunity to join SAA late last year and I really appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to participate in the governance process so far.  It is important work – especially during tough times like these - and the people involved show a tremendous amount of commitment and dedication. 

I am extremely proud to work for – and be a student of – the University of Alaska.  I hope you give me the opportunity to continue with SAA during this upcoming election.  I would be honored to advocate for all of you, and I am especially interested in making sure that Anchorage has a voice in the governance process.

Thank you for your consideration!


I have worked for the University of Alaska since 2006. A majority of those years were at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and I came to UA Statewide in October 2015. I look forward to serving on the SAA and working together to meet the changes we face in the coming years.


I moved to Alaska in ’83 courtesy of the United States Air Force.  My Dad retired in ’92, and we never left. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting. I was an Internal Auditor with the University from 2007-2014 and I received my Certified Internal Auditor designation in March of 2014. I transitioned to SW Payroll in May of 2014 as the Senior Tax Accountant.


In August 2016, I will have been a University of Alaska employee for ten years. Since 2008, OIT has been my home.  Because I first worked on the switch from the legacy mail system to Google and then in Identity and Access Management, I have had, and continue to have a lot of contact with those in the MAUs as well as Statewide Staff.

I implemented the Central Authentication System (CAS SSO) login for University of Alaska's Banner systems.  I am responsible for modifications and upgrades of this tool. I work with my co-worker to manage Shibboleth SSO when needed.  I am intimately involved in moving many of the ZUAUSR tasks off of that outdated tool and active in descriptions to project management and management in how the current tool functions.  This has provided me with a great deal of insight into how Banner and Oracle privileges are granted as well as those obstacles to smooth processing for the MAUs, including Statewide.  I support provisioning and updates to the ZUAUSR system that can not be accomplished via the ZUAUSR forms, which means I am actively involved in supporting those that realize projects such as BANNER PROXY and MEP.  

Lately I have participated in the UAD working group that is striving to bring unification for Active Directory processes and attributes among all three campuses as well as Statewide.  All of my professional activities are focused on ways to successfully move those tasks that were previously the province of OIT and Statewide to the MAUs and appropriate Statewide staff.  I see the need to implement more sophisticated and current systems as the only way we will continue to meet demand with reduced staffing.

Like everyone else at the university and in Statewide, I am concerned about the future of the university.  And like everyone else, I am working hard to ensure there is no gap in service despite our changing tableau. I imagine no one in statewide would disagree when I say we are hard pressed to be sure there are enough of us to go around.

I am not always a comfortable person to be around; I expect a lot of myself and of my co-workers.  I want things to be done well and I don't want the voices of those who are working hard to keep the university running smoothly to be ignored.  If elected, I will do my best to be a responsible representative to SAA.


Josh's first position within the UA system was as an OIT student employee in 2007.  Since then, he has held a number of positions within OIT, the most recent being the Lead position in OIT Video Conferencing Services.  Josh also serves as a the Staff Advisor for two UAF clubs, and is registered as a Red Cross Instructor for UAF via Student Organizations.  As a member of the UA community, Josh sees membership in SAA as an opportunity to continue to give back to the organization that he has been a part of for so long, and contribute to the improvement of the UA system on behalf of his fellow staff members.

Voting will open MAY 9 and close MAY 23.
Please check back on May 9 for the link to the ballot and other information on how to cast your vote. 

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