UA Fisheries, Seafood and Maritime Initiative


The University of Alaska Fisheries, Seafood and Maritime Initiative will engage with fisheries, seafood and maritime sectors and community partners. The goal of the initiative is to assess, develop and deliver programs, training and research that prepare Alaskans to meet current and emerging workforce, economic and scientific needs.

What's New...

Latest Update: December 2013 FSMI Update
Click here to access the FSMI Workforce Development Plan Update
October 2013 FSMI Update
Click here to access the FSMI Workforce Development Plan Draft

Education and Training Gap Analysis for the Fisheries Seafood and Maritime Workforce, study completed by the McDowell Group

Fisheries, seafood and maritime sectors provide more than 68,000 jobs in Alaska according to a recent study by the McDowell Group. The study was commissioned as part of the University of Alaska's Fisheries Seafood Maritime Initiative to evaluate the training gap between the offerings at the university and the training needs of the industry. Interviews were conducted with representatives of the workforce sector and training providers. See the full report here.

Senator Lyman Hoffman and Representative Bryce Edgmon appointed Liasons to Fisheries Seafood and Maritime Initative

House concurrent resolution 18 aims at helping young Alaskans enter the commercial fishing industry. In accordance with the resolution, Senator Hoffman and Representative Edgmon were appointed as liasons. Read the full resolution here.

UAS Fisheries Technology Program to Offer Class to High School Students Across Alaska

Read about a new high school fisheries class available in Alaska...more...!

Initiative goals are:

  • Sustain and enhance the economy and the communities of Alaska by developing a responsive workforce that enables the fishing/seafood and maritime industries to stay vibrant and substantial contributors to the state.
  • Support Alaska’s workforce, particularly in coastal communities, in discovering and preparing for the wide range of employment opportunities in the fishing, seafood and maritime industries.
  • Provide research to sustain resources on which these communities and sectors depend.

Envisioned initiative will:

  • Collaborate with the industry and communities at all stages of this effort to help the University plan, develop and deliver programs and support students.
  • Align all levels of training and education from high school through graduate school and among all UA campuses. Each program will have a clear pathway to other programs in a coordinated manner.
  • Develop and deliver programs and training that are innovative and responsive in their timing, geographic reach and delivery methods to address diverse learning styles and situations defined by industry and community partners.
  • Provide access by Alaskans to comprehensive training and education programs that will enable them to meet the economic development and workforce needs of these large, broad and varied industries.
  • Deliver applied research and technical services in support of the fisheries, seafood, and maritime sectors of Alaska.
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