HR Classification and Compensation

Total Compensation Overview

Total compensation shows an employee’s salary combined with what the employer pays for benefits of various kinds.   The following charts show examples of total compensation paid by the university to employees in eight different employment categories.   The charts are examples and are based on the Fiscal Year 12 average salaries and the most common retirement plans for the category.   As a result, actual individual total compensation may vary somewhat.

UA benefits incorporated in the charts include the university’s contributions to retirement, the UA pension, health care, annual leave, sick leave, and other valuable employee benefits such as the tuition waiver.   UA employees have traditionally valued their benefits, but may not be aware that benefits comprise up to 47% of their total compensation!


Total Compensation Charts – Employment Categories

United Academics Unit (F9)
                        United Academics Faculty TERS Tier II
                        United Academics Faculty TERS Tier III
                        United Academics Faculty ORP

UA Federation of Teachers Unit (A9)
                       UAFT Faculty TERS Tier II
                        UAFT Faculty TERS Tier III
                        UAFT Faculty ORP

Academic Administrator (9 month, non-represented faculty) (FN)
                        FN Faculty TERS Tier II
                        FN Faculty TERS Tier III
                        FN Faculty ORP                       

Academic Administrator (12 month, non-represented) (FR)
                        FR Faculty TERS Tier II
                        FR Faculty TERS Tier III
   FR Faculty ORP

Non exempt (non-represented) (NR)
                        PERS Tier III

Exempt (non-represented) (XR)
                       PERS Tier III
                        PERS Tier IV

Executive (EX)
                       PERS Tier III
                       PERS Tier IV

Crafts and Trades Unit (CR)
                       PERS Tier III
                       PERS Tier IV

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