Statewide staff heard from President Johnsen about the FY17 budget, Strategic Pathways, the Statewide Transformation working groups, a Spotlight Award for the MAPTS program and acknowledgement of new art in the BOR conference room during a Town Hall meeting Feb. 23. Photo by Monique Musick

Announcements February 2016

  • UA Students Featured in Photo Installation in BOR Conference room
  • The FY16 wellness program deadline is coming up on April 30
  • Seeking presenters for 2016 Postsecondary Access and Success Conference
  • Harold T. Caven Professorship Recipient Named
  • President Johnsen names Saichi Oba Statewide Title IX Liaison
  • OIT Training Opportunities

UA Students Featured in Photo Installation in BOR Conference room

The Board of Regents conference room has a fresh new look. At the request of President Johnsen, the Rusty Heurlin paintings, which have hung on the wall for the past 30 years were replaced with images of UA students from across the system engaged in high-priority programs: workforce development, engineering, fine arts, nursing, research, teacher education and marine trades. While the Heurlin paintings, (on loan from the UA Museum of the North and returned to its collection) were important pieces of Alaskan art, they did not reflect the teaching, research or outreach missions of the university. The Office of Public Affairs reviewed photos from across the UA system to make the final selections and had them printed on canvas through a local Fairbanks company. Many thanks go to the talented photographers from our campuses, OPA, facilities maintenance and the museum for their help in this project. They were assisted in curation by Richard Murphy, photographer and current UAF Snedden Chair.

The FY16 wellness program deadline is coming-up on April 30

The FY16 wellness program deadline is coming-up on 4/30/16—have you gotten everything completed that is required to earn the wellness rebate that is paid out over FY17? If you aren’t sure, or want to learn more, there are plenty of resources to assist you!

The UA benefits/wellness site has a link to access the Healthyroads site, an overview of the program and requirements as well as lots of helpful documents posted. Scroll down the page to view the various sections and use the light blue box in the middle for the following:

  • FY16 Program Overview Presentation
  • Healthcare Provider Form
  • Wellness Program Q&A
  • FY16 Wellness Calendar
  • Connected! FAQ

An additional page built off of the wellness portion will contain monthly Healthyroads newsletters, monthly health topics and features and recorded presentations that you can watch to receive incentive credit!

Once logged-in to your Healthyroads page, you will be able to view your progress towards the incentive goal as well complete many of the required items. On the home page, the ‘Useful Links and Information’ box will contain all of the same items listed above for easy access. Utilize the ‘Incentives’ tab at the top (and then ‘Plan Summary’) to view your progress. Many of the items on the page will allow you to click on them to either complete or will take you where you can complete them on the site.

And lastly, Sara Rodewald, Program Manager for UAs wellness program from Healthyroads can answer any wellness related questions that you may have. She can be reached by phone at: (907)450-8203, or email: sararo@ashn.com. She is happy to clarify anything that comes up, so please don’t hesitate to reach out, so you don’t miss out!

Seeking presenters for 2016 Postsecondary Access and Success Conference

The 2016 Postsecondary Access and Success Conference is a time for Alaskans from all walks - education, business, public service - to unite and work together on increasing the number of Alaskans enrolling and succeeding in postsecondary education.�

We are currently seeking�breakout session presenters!�Share your knowledge, facilitate a needed conversation, or use this time to offer an interactive workshop.

Conference sessions should support the Conference outcomes and focus on one of the Network themes. Additional details are available in the Proposal Form. Preference will be given to sessions that articulate how they will engage the audience.

To submit a presentation proposal, please complete and submit the Proposal Form below.

For more information contact:�

Lacy Karpilo, lacy@uaa.alaska.edu, 907-786-1015
Greg Monrad, greg.monrad@alaska.gov, 907-269-7991��

Harold T. Caven Professorship Recipient Named

Dr. Han Donker, Professor of Accounting at the University of Alaska Anchorage, is the recent recipient of the University of Alaska Foundation’s 2016 Harold T. Caven Professorship.�

The two-year professorship includes a $20,000 award.� This award will enable Donker to continue his research into the corporate values of Native corporations. While the Western standard of corporate success depends on maximizing shareholder value, Native corporations embrace a more holistic approach. Donker’s research explores current and alternative Native values and organizational forms, and how they enhance social and economic prosperity. Alaska Native corporations are the most successful Native-owned companies found in the world. Donker is hoping to export the knowledge behind their success to indigenous groups outside Alaska.�

Dr. Donker has 24-years of experience in the accounting and economics fields. He received his Master of Science in Monetary Economics from Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and his PhD in Economics and Business from Tilburg University, Netherlands. He is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Corporate Governance, a peer reviewed international journal that explores issues related to corporate governance.�

The Harold T. Caven Professorship was established in 1974 with a gift from Mrs. Loretta Caven, widow of Harold T. Caven.� Dr. Caven was a longtime Alaskan who first came to the state in 1943.� He served as a Director and as a Vice President of the First National Bank of Anchorage.

President Johnsen names Saichi Oba Statewide Title IX Liaison

President Johnsen has named Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Saichi Oba as the Statewide Title IX Liaison. In this added role, Oba will regularly share updates with Johnsen and other executives on efforts underway at the campuses toward compliance, reporting and training on matters related to Title IX, as well as bringing feedback from the president to the team of staff working on these issues at all the UA campuses.

As Oba becomes more familiar with the nuances of Title IX compliance he will assume more of the coordination and facilitation role with the cross-university Title IX team that has been handled until now by Associate General Counsel Mike O’Brien.

Title IX compliance and a need to foster a culture of campus safety are issues the Board of Regents and university leadership have made high priorities. The universities will continue to play the primary role in compliance, training, and improving campus culture and safety, as coordinated through the efforts of the Title IX team under the legal guidance and expertise of General Counsel.

OIT Training Opportunities

There are a number of training opportunities coming up in the next month through OIT. For instructors and locations, please check the session description on the calendar where you can also register for any of the classes -- http://www.alaska.edu/oit/training

Click HERE for a flier with more information on upcoming course offerings covering:

  • Third Thursday will be March 10th -- Why Assess my class (es)?
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Blackboard Webinars
  • TurningPoint

Atomic Learning: Need a quick refresher on a tech topic? �Go to �http://atomic.alaska.edu

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